Flags of Our Heroes

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana offers a special salute to our veterans who pass away prior to going on their flight with us.  A veteran did not have to be on our waiting list to be eligible.  If your veteran loved one passed away before they could sign up with us, we would be honored to salute them with this program.


What is "Flags of Our Heroes"?

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana offers families of veterans that have passed the opportunity to take their memorial flag to Washington D.C. with us on a future flight and present it at the appropriate memorial of the veteran.  When we return that evening, we will present the flag back to the family during our welcome home ceremony.  We will document the day with a photo of the flag at the memorial it is displayed at and send that photo to the family after the trip.  We may also post that photo on our social media sites to honor that veteran.  We will only be able to take a maximum of three (3) flags during a flight.  We have four (4) flights each year or a total of 12 flags per year.


What is a "memorial flag"?

A "Memorial Flag" is a simpler and easier way to say burial flag or the flag presented to the family, most likely, from the funeral home or service provider handling the arrangements for the deceased veteran.  It may also have been provided by the military if your loved one was killed in conflict or other military assignment.


Who is eligible for this program?

Any veteran that has not been on an honor flight that has passed away.  It doesn't matter if they were signed up and on the waiting list or had never signed up for a flight with us at all.  It also can be from any era.  WWII to present conflicts are eligible.


What if their memorial doesn't exist or is not part of your trip?

If the memorial for the veteran that we are honoring isn't on our trip or does not exist in Washington D.C. we will take their flag to Arlington National Cemetery and present it there.


What will you need for me/us for the trip?

First, we will need the flag.  It should be kept folded and removed from any hard display cases.  You can place it in a simple plastic bag for protection while you transfer it to us.  We will place it in an appropriate clear plastic "flag display bag" upon receipt.  Secondly, we would like a photo of the veteran - preferably in military uniform - if available.  We would also need their name, rank, branch of service and dates of service.  The family or representative would need to be available to come to the Fort Wayne International Airport the night of our flight to have the flag presented back to you.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND US ANYTHING IN ADVANCE.  We will contact you once your flag has been identified to go on an upcoming trip and make arrangements for you at that time to bring us the flag and picture.


How to Sign Up

Please fill out this form.  This is a first come first serve program.  Your entry will be entered into our database.  We will contact you with enough advance notice to collect the required items and make the necessary arrangements to be present at the homecoming.

Flags of Our Heroes

Please fill out the information below for our Flags of Our Heroes program. You'll receive an email confirmation of your request. Please have the veterans service dates available. Month and Year are most important.

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Please provide the information about your veteran you are submitting for the program.

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You can select more than one if required

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Example: Feb 1945 to Nov 1957

Here is a list of service dates as defined by the DOD:

WWII - Dec 7, 1941 - Dec. 31, 1946
Post WWII - Jan 1, 1947 - Jun 26, 1950
Korea - Jun 27, 1950 - Jan 31, 1955
Cold War - Jan 31, 1955 - Feb 27, 1961
Vietnam - Feb 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975
Lebanon/Grenada - Aug 24, 1982 - Jul 31, 1984
Panama - Dec 20,1989 - Jan 31, 1990
Desert Shield/Desert Storm - Aug 2, 1990 - Jul 31, 1991
Iraqi Freedom - Mar 20, 2003 - May 01, 2003
Afghanistan - Oct 07, 2001 until .....
Items required:
You will be required to provide the following items when it is time for your veterans flag to go with us on a future trip:

1. Veterans Memorial Flag (Required)
2. Picture of the veteran in uniform (If possible - not required)
3. Deliver flag/picture to us by the Friday prior to the trip,
4. You and/or the family or family representative be PRESENT on flight day, at the homecoming to receive the flag upon it's return.

We cannot mail/ship any flag back to you. You must be able/willing to be available on flight day to have the flag presented back to you. It is preferred that any flag be hand delivered to us and not mailed/shipped. This program is only for veterans who have passed and have NOT previously been on an Honor Flight.
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