How to Donate & Our New Roundit Platform

roundit Giving Platform for Honor Flight Northeast Indiana


Honor Flight Donations

Donate in honor or memory of a veteran in your life, or just to say "Thank You" to those who paid the price!  Your donations help pay for the expenses to fly 85 veterans, 4 times a year, to Washington D.C. and see the memorials built in their honor.  Lunch, Dinner, police escorts, buses, our chartered plane - all these expenses and more total approximately $104,000 per flight.

Here or on our home page you may donate online via PayPal by entering an amount and clicking the "Donate" button. You'll be directed to a NEW window for our PayPal page to complete your donation.

You can also donate via our PayPal link below.  ALL options open a new SECURE window for you to complete your donation. Thank you again for your generosity!


Watch our ROUND IT video on our YouTube Channel


 OR you may  mail your contributions to:
(Make checks payable to Honor Flight Northeast Indiana)

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana
PO Box 5
Huntertown, IN 46748



We officially announced during the Veterans Voices TV show that aired on Nov 11th, 2020 on WANE 15 that we have partnered with a new giving platform that was initiated as part of a larger Honor Flight Network partnership.  You can now support Honor Flight Northeast Indiana daily, weekly, whenever you use your card(s), safely, securely and with full control!

Simply put - this app/website will allow you to setup automatic rounding for every purchase/use of your credit or debit card behind the scenes.  No bothersome pop up on your phone or at the register asking if you want to participate.  No, you have FULL control via the giving platform app on your smartphone OR the website.  You control how much to round up to and how much maximum per month to donate.

How does it work?

1. Visit OUR branded signup page: OR download the  "roundit" app from your smartphone device.

2. Set your PER transaction rounding limit and your MONTHLY maximum rounding limit.  PRESS "Donate your spare change"

3. Create an account.  It will give you several options to choose from based on your comfort level and ways you currently use to "sign up" for things.  For many, just put in your email address and a password you wish to use and click the "signup" blue button.

4. Log into that financial institutions website via the app/roundit website portal. This login information IS NOT STORED.  It is simply used to make a connection to PLAID, one of the standard processers of credit card transactions.  If you look at your credit card or debit card, the financial institution is "usually" identified on the card.  This is NOT necessarily the bank/credit union you bank with - but the financial institution that handles the card itself (example: Flagstar Banks use ELAN Financial Services for their credit card).

5. Finally, enter your credit card/debit card information that you will use to make the donation.  You'll get 3 green checkmarks if everything went well and you're off and running.


The system will keep track of all that "spare change" from your rounding.  Once you hit a combined $20 total, then it will actually process your donation.  Also, you get to set and control how much to round up to.  $1, $2, $5, etc.   You also control how much total PER MONTH total.  Once you have hit that maximum monthly limit YOU set, the rounding stops until the next month.

To get started - visit OUR Honor Flight branded setup page  OR text 'roundit' to 21000 and you'll get a link to the app for your smartphone.



Full Flight Sponsor Information

Individuals or organizations can step-forward to sponsor an entire flight.

The northern Indiana community has responded with generous donations; however, there are still many, many veterans needing to go to Washington. It took over a year to get the first flight off the ground. In our 2nd year, we were able to provide an Honor Flight to 62 NE Indiana WWII veterans, and we now fly 300+ veterans per year.  Many veterans in line for our next flight have been on the waiting list for more than 4 years. At this pace, most will never see their memorial.

As soon as we are able to schedule a flight, we start calling the veterans on our waiting list. We always find that some have passed away, and many are no longer able to travel, even with the assistance we can provide.

Full flight sponsors honor not only the veterans on the flight they sponsor, but pave the way for the next flight of honor. It is a gift that keeps giving. Publicity from one flight brings donations for the next. We will be happy to return the favor by publicizing your generous donation to this noble cause.

Full flight sponsors receive various in kind incentives for their generosity and each flight sponsorship is discussed with our entire volunteer board of directors.  Additionally, flight sponsors may also choose to sponsor a welcome home reception to which regional media will be invited. Honor Flights from other regions have been featured on national newscasts. Full flight sponsors will be recognized publicly. Let us know if you have any special requests.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping in this way.